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Lisa Tureson

Lisa S. Tureson - Founder & Artist

Lisa Tureson is an American painter whose original work is shown in galleries and showrooms in New York, Atlanta, Las Vegas, High Point, Chicago, Washington, DC and many cities in between. Her commercial work is widely published and distributed internationally. Her work has won local and International juried competitions and is in the collections of private clients as well as hotels, universities and businesses.


Artist’s Statement-      “My work is driven by an aesthetic response to place, and a technical response to the process of painting. These two distinct goals afford me the opportunity to use my work as an instrument to advance my skills in the craft of painting, while also fulfilling the basic human desire to bring order and beauty into our surroundings.

Complex and highly intuitive, my work is both analytical and atmospheric. Layers of varying media combine to create abstract forms which suggest, yet deny, traditional interpretation or narrative. In this sense, my work can be seen as both a technical investigation into the process of painting and a mode of decorative escapism. These unique qualities allow the viewer to use my work as both a didactic and decorative instrument.”

BIO: Like many artists, this is not Lisa’s first career; it is her first love and she has been painting all her life. She enjoyed growing up with a teaching art studio in the home where her mother taught painting.  After completing her degree, and in addition to the wide variety of art and design classes she had completed, she embarked on a self- directed course of study. She sought out working artists with International reputations, who had teaching studios devoted to her various interests.

Combining her passion for interior design with her love of painting she has worked primarily with the Washington, DC Interior Design community on private commissions. Her heightened sense of color and composition has earned her a designation as a highly trusted resource. This type of career has created a body of work that is unusually varied, as many projects are site specific, created for their own unique purpose. These pieces reflect her aesthetic response to place and can be as varied as abstract, trompe L’Oeil, stylized realism, expressionism, and murals. Her gallery installations are primarily acrylic and mixed media thematic studies of color, form, texture or subject.

Lisa has a home studio in Northern Virginia and she is a member of the Touchstone Gallery in Washington, DC. Her work has been widely published in national and regional magazines, newspapers and industry publications. She has been on HGTV on two different shows and has twice guest lectured at the Corcoran College of Art and Design. In 2015 Lisa was voted among the TOP 100 INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY MASTERS and for the third time was voted by a survey of Home & Design Magazine professionals to be the Designer’s Top Choice of art studios.

She is associated with:

  • Touchstone Gallery
  • Broadway Gallery
  • Washington Project for the Arts
  • With It
  • International Society of Acrylic Painters
  • Great Falls Studios
  • International Furniture & Design Association
  • International Country Club


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